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Cary paul studios

residential remodels, additions, and new builds.







new builds


I have just hired Cary Paul Studios again! First, I became obsessed with--and stalked-- their work in Austin. Just beautiful. Then, when our historic home was selected for a home tour, I freaked out. I knew I needed their help. Here was my chance!

Heather redesigned the lay out of our main living space--an very open concept living/dining/and kitchen in one big open room. I had NO idea how to use the space and make it work. She did. Not only was able to transform our space, we also now get so many compliments on how it looks. She found great buys for us that helped us stay on budget. My husband, 2 kids and I LOVE the space now.

Fast forward a few months. We purchased a historic 2-story commercial building that was a law office on the lower level and an apartment upstairs. We have hired her to transform it into a Luxe Photo Studio and an Air BNB. I can't imagine this undertaking without Cary Paul. Heather is a rare combination: a designer with tons of hands-on construction and remodeling experience-- so she knows her stuff. She has insider knowledge and resources about where to buy furniture and decor and has scored some beautiful pieces for us at unbelievable prices. She has a special ability to blend modern style while respecting the historic, which is very important to us as both our projects are well over 100 years old. Honestly, I would hire Cary Paul Studios for any project, large or small. Heather has vision and style, is committed to your project's success, is lovely to spend time and shop with, and she has literally brought so much joy and beauty to our lives with her work. Even if you have to cut budget in other areas to afford their services, I would do it because you will be thrilled with the outcome and she will also help you find the best deals and the most elegant solutions to a problem. Highly recommend!


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